Mistakes That You Can Do While Selling Your Text Books Online

Selling your books online is a totally different experience as compared to selling your book into your near book store. It will provide you with a great opportunity to cash your old books and get the best prices over them. For this you don’t need to go anywhere else you can use an online site to sell textbooks. However, the online bookstores are offering you great prices to the students who sell books online. But sometimes people do common mistakes during the sale or purchase of books. To avoid these common mistakes you just need to make sure that you are getting the full price for your books.

Not Choosing a Reliable Site:

This is one of the most common mistakes that students do while selling their books online. Some students get not a good price because they fail to double check the integrity of the site where they sell their books. Sometimes these sites are just a scam and they pretend to buy your books and ask you to ship your books on their given address and then they may just disappear. So you just need to check the website first. It must be reliable and trusted site. You can also get its feedback from other students or can check the reviews on this site.

Selling The Damaged Books:

The bookstores love the books that are in good conditions and they even pay the higher fees for those which are in great conditions. If you will send your book in undamaged condition then you can get the high prices but if you will send a damaged book then you may not get the money back form this online bookstore. Your book may ship to them but because of their bad condition, you will not get your money for selling your book. Therefore you must need to make sure that your books are in good condition that they will be accepted before you even put them into the box.

Leaving Behind Extras:

The publishers are now including added materials with the books sold, such as CDs. Books that are complete with some extras or with some accessories you can get a higher price for them.

Improperly Packed:

If you went through a lot of efforts to protect your book only to send it without care then you will definitely end up with a damaged book and can’t get money for this. Some bookstores can also give you an idea that how to pack your book when you are going to sell it online. If the instructions are given just follow them to pack properly and get the desired money for it.

Don’t Be Hurry To Get Paid Over Your Books:

If you want to be paid quickly for your books then you may choose to be paid by the online services such as PayPal or bank account as well. You just need to be preparing that this method of payment can become a cause of less money in case of transaction fees.