Main Reasons Why You Need To Seriously Consider Managed WordPress Hosting

There are billions of websites, and WordPress powers many of them. It should be no surprise then that there are numerous hosting providers out there. Quite a lot of website owners aren’t even familiar with the specific features and benefits of having fully optimized hosting environment for their website, but the truth is that there are some clear advantages of hosting your website with a provider like FastComet, and such ought to be highlighted.

Higher Performance

When you opt for WordPress hosting, you receive a package that is fine-tuned explicitly for it to work with your project. With most shared hosting solutions you normally have more installed than is needed and in many cases, you do not have some features that are actually required and later on offered as additional services. Therefore, opting for a hosting provider that focus on key areas for your project is what you are aiming to get.

We all know the importance of content in digital marketing strategies and how it is vital that pages load fast or users simply leave. Because of the focus on high performance, optimized WordPress hosting solutions manages to offer the quickest loading times possible, even higher than most regular dedicated servers because of fine-tuning absolutely everything according to WordPress needs.

Better Backups

Most hosting providers these days offer some type of backup system, but this does not mean that you will not lose data in the event that something goes wrong. Such providers always offer automatic backups, usually free of charge, however, you need to check if they also offer an easy restoration process to ensure the most complete and safest experience in case of a such an event.

When there is a need to restore the site to a previous backup, the system is configured to perform it in an easy for the end user way, so that he can be sure that everything will be restored completely, as it was before. Also, if this is needed, usually there is a team of technical support specialists that are ready to help you.

Better Security

Usually, in a typical hosting environment, you do not have assistance if you have to deal with malware. With FastComet WordPress hosting, for example, is the exact opposite. The provided Technical support team is always available and ready to help even in the event that the site is infected. Besides, there are specific systems added to guarantee that sites are protected from malware and various other wrongdoings.

WordPress security needs to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, because of the CMS’ popularity, thousands of hackers try to access sites using this platform right now. Managed WordPress hosting always has the latest security in place and even if a hacker manages to get in, the damage will be minimal.


Last but not least, scalability is a huge advantage of using a solution that allows such things to happen as seamless as possible. With regular hosting solutions, it is really easy to outgrow resources as sites grow. The only way to tackle this unwanted situation is to upgrade the hosting plan. It is also possible to be suspended, merely because you have too much traffic.

The WordPress focused solution is different since it will scale with your site quickly and allows you to plan things.