How to select reliable VOIP services

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or simply VOIP, is becoming a very important tool for many business organizations. Basically, it’s a phone service over the Internet which makes communication easier and more affordable. VOIP is superior to old phone systems in many ways. For instance, with its help you can send more information in a shorter period of time, it works on all sorts of networks, it runs on computer lines and it can be integrated with other types of communication like audio streaming or video conferencing. Now that we have highlighted the benefits of using VOIP, it’s time to show you how to select reliable VOIP services.

Check the Internet connection

Before you decide to pay for such a service, it’s a good idea to check your Internet connection. You should test the speed of your connection on one of the specialized websites on the Internet and use a call quality test provided by the VOIP service provider. You should make sure that the connection is stable and that it won’t affect the quality of your communication sessions.

Analyze the things you need

The simplest way to do this is to check your current phone bill. You should check the monthly fee and highlight the services you are getting and using like call forwarding, conference calls, caller identification etc. Compare the price and the features to the price and features offered by the VOIP service provider that you want to use.

Check the terms

Each of these providers has specific terms and conditions. It would be great if you can find a provider that has a money back guarantee offer. Usually, providers are offering a 30-day money back guarantee. Don’t forget that you will need equipment too. Check their return policies related to the equipment. Will you have to pay to get the equipment or you will just lease it? Of course, you should also spend some time analyzing the contract terms.

Watch out for number portability

In case you want to keep the same phone number as before then you should analyze the number portability for the potential provider. Unfortunately, there are providers that will not let you keep the same number because they don’t have a system like that.

Use the Internet and analyze the options you have

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to use the Internet and analyze all the options you have. There are literally dozens of VOIP service providers out there, but they are not the same. Obviously, you should look for the best ones. Instead of spending hours on Google or other search engines, you can use specialized comparison and review websites like Thanks to a website like this, you will get detailed reviews of the best VOIP service providers currently available on the market.


VOIP is a key driving force in global telecommunications. Procuring the most reliable option will ensure that your organization can deliver on it’s service delivery aims – and to be available when customers from all over the world want to talk. As several other communication channels, such a chatbots and social media open up, VOIP is still an irreplaceable part of voice communication in business.