Growth hacking at scale with PushPushGo

Learn how to leverage personalization and remarketing to deliver an ROI of 3500% and a CTR 5 times higher than email marketing, powered by cross-device web push notifications.

Today’s growth marketers require a special set of tools to execute their strategy efficiently at the right time and cost. To reconnect with valuable website visitors can be costly as even the most talented digital marketers face common challenges. Firstly, concentration spans continue to shorten, causing higher bounce rates for both email readers and website visitors. Secondly, growing social media accounts reach only a small portion of new followers with social notifications. Thirdly, we saw how the new trend in programmatic remarketing increased the cost of display advertising.

Smart marketers who are focused on ROI love PushPushGo: it solves many challenges in growth marketing at a time the marketing world needs it most!

How PushPushGo enables you to reconnect with users:

PushPushGo disrupted the concepts of remarketing and personalization by giving businesses the most affordable way to reconnect with their website visitors at scale. Furthermore, it allows to reach both mobile and desktop subscribers, even at the time when they are browsing other Internet pages such as websites of your competitors. By using simplicity to deliver advanced functionality and personalization, it is fast becoming the digital marketers’ favorite tool.

Here is how it works:

New visitors to a website can accept to see future notifications that are customized based on their interests. Once users agree, cross-device push notifications can be delivered in several ways, at various touch points, for example:

  1. To encourage return visits to a website: Web push messages are delivered in their browser.
  2. Abandoned carts: Reminders can be sent to subscribers who did not complete the checkout process,
  3. Segmented lists: Customers can be segmented based on their on-site behavior, with web push notifications delivered in real-time for timely results,
  4. Cross-selling: Choose which segments of clients to target with related offers,
  5. Engagement and customer delight: Offer satisfaction surveys at various points in the customer lifecycle.

Versatility and ease of use:

The versatility of PushPushGo enable marketers to choose between mass marketing campaigns, highly targeted campaigns, and scenario-based personalized campaigns: you’re fully in charge of each campaign. What is more exciting is that currently, the PushPushGo team is developing a dedicated machine learning system thanks to which our customers will know exactly where and when to send the given notification.

Using our tool is easy: behind the scenes, marketers have an awesome dashboard with a set of visual management tools. Once implemented, no technical knowledge is required: it is really that easy!

Suitable for businesses of all sizes:

With so many big brands already using PushPushGo, there has to be a good reason for it. Yet it is a fully scalable solution that is available to businesses of all sizes. Regardless of your business scope or size, our tool will be the perfect fit. Since notifications are delivered across all major browsers including Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Edge – it opens up a new digital marketing channel that can target more than 80% of all internet users, precisely the reason why this has become the favorite tool in the marketers’ toolbox. A key benefit is that PushPushGo is completely GDPR compliant: all collected data is totally secured and it is not sold to the 3rd parties as some companies on the web push technology market are doing.

“We provide a worldclass growth marketing tool with a supportive platform that does more than deliver your campaign: we also guide marketers on success factors such as perfecting their sign-up page, using the most relevant content for each campaign, audience selection, and ongoing optimization”. Joanna Worotyńska, Co-Founder, PushPushGo

The company is so confident that marketers will love its tool, that they do not require any upfront payment for businesses to start using it.

Want to see for yourself how it works? Try it for free!

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