Gadgets You Must Have in Your Home

Having a cool and techy home is on the list of things to do in 2019. The home-gadget industry just keeps getting better and more accessible. Tons of affordable gadgets can make your life a million times easier. On the market for some new home gadgets? Here are some worth investing in.

A smart home system

Smart homes are all the hype these days. You can get just about every level of security from your phone. This means you can check in on your home from your phone when you are on vacation. Many smart home systems give you the ability to lock doors, turn off lights, and survey what is happening on your video cameras at home. This is a great way to have peace of mind and an efficient home. No more lights left on and no more worrying while away.

You can also get packages that let you control the heating and cooling of your home. This is nice for when you are away and want your home to stay at a certain temperature. These smart home devices are getting less expensive as they get smarter. Look into buying a Nest or Vivint smart home system this year for optimal security and home-maintenance ease.

Cellular signal boosting system

Signal boosting is one way to increase internet access and phone connection. Avoid lost calls and unsent text messages with HiBoost or another cellular signal boosting system. These are also great gadgets to bring with you when traveling, camping or anywhere you will need some cellular help. This system ensure that you’ll never lose the signal during an important call. Invest in this to avoid frustration at your cell data and internet carrier.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Vacuums that run themselves have existed for awhile, but have only gotten more efficient and cleaner. Look at some of the neat robot vacuums on the market to see if one will fit your needs. Robot vacuums are likely the way of the future. Despite the price, they will save you time and cost about the same amount as a normal vacuum that doesn’t do any of the work. Robot vacuum cleaners are the ultimate cleaning luxury for everyone.

Amazon Alexa

If you haven’t gotten Alexa yet, you need to look into it. This device can order anything from Amazon with the command of your voice. It also plays music, sets timers and more with a simple command. If your hands are full often, Amazon Alexa will help you multitask at home. Having an Amazon Alexa is like having the personal assistant you never had.

Alexa is a fun home investment for music lovers because it gives you the chance to say,”Alexa, play Childish Gambino.” At that, Alexa will start playing the song or artist you happen to need for inspiration at that moment.

A smart kettle—yes, they exist

You can own a kettle that can be controlled from your phone. This might not be a lifesaving gadget, but it sure can be handy. You can monitor how much the water is boiling and change the settings — all from your phone. The kettles usually come with an app that tell you the exact water level while it’s heating up. This is a great way to save time, too. You can walk away to fold laundry and just glance at your phone to make sure your water isn’t boiling over.

These are all great gadgets to start incorporating into your home to make it safer, smarter and overall better. Now is a great time to be looking into home technology hacks.