Five Ways to Market Your YouTube Videos

After Google, YouTube has become the largest searched website in this world. Because it is free to use and provide a visual entertainment plus DIYs at the distance of only one click.

As this highly search videos platform got so many viewers it has become a way of earning for many. Actually, YouTube pays to channel owners on 1000 views and even more for 5-6 second advertisement link to these videos as well and you can buy youtube views for more earning as well.

Sharing and liking have become a habit of these channel users and followers. Similarly, Vlogging and YouTube videos also promote knowledge and information about the world for many. If you are the one struggling with fewer followers and subscriber then you should consider a few important aspects;

SEO does wonders with Marketing

SEO also is known as Search Engine Optimization is the most efficient way for marketing any content on the internet. The selective use of keywords and LSA, LSI words for SEO is the most effective trick.

Though writing the description according to SEO tricks has been proven to increase the followers. These tricks need some proper SEO knowledge. First of all, you can use the “Keywords Everywhere” on Google Extension, by this unique allowance help one can properly use the linked words.


  • Using more and more Transitional Words
  • LSA keywords
  • More Active Voice Sentences than Passive Voice Sentences
  • Linking similar words as a search option

Social Media Links and tags

Everybody uses Social media to connect with this world and its surroundings. Making a page relevant to your channel on Facebook can also promote your followers.

As a survey says, most of the people open Facebook just after they wake up. Similarly, try to link this advertisement with Instagram and LinkedIn profiles.

Catchy Vlogs with factual information

In order to keep the content real and catchy one have to make the videos with informative and useful facts. The videos on your channel should have;

  • Real Information
  • Usage Good Quality of images and Video
  • Videos should not be too long

To relate these points one has to completely use professional video editing skill and tricks too.

Easy to read Narration in Bullets Made it more Convenient

Every video has a description and links down there and everybody reads these lines when they want a further check about the content.

Try to make the description in bullets and easy to go points for the reader. In this way, the followers will become more captivated towards the videos and narrated words.

Interaction with followers via comments

The best way to become popular is good behavior and social interaction. Via comments and sharing links you can make your network widespread.

Try to answer each question asked in the comments by followers and be more interactive. However, after this warm and friendly welcome, your followers will surely become happy and recommend your channel to others too.

It is true that making a YouTube channel is a challenge and maintaining the followers intact is way too tacky.