Doing Away With Spam Mails

Like most people, you may be receiving SPAM and phishing emails on a daily basis. These spam messages can be irritating at times since they only fill your mailbox. This scourge of the internet continues to grow despite the existence of Can Spam Act. Whenever you receive these messages, the first thing that comes to your mind is how do you unsubscribe from emails filling your mailbox. However, clicking on the “unsubscribe” link is not usually the solution. This is because some companies may be using the unsubscribe link to lure you to their services.

How to Stop Spam from Invading your Mail

Apart from avoiding the internet, there is no other way that you can eliminate spam mails. The very best that you can do is filtering most of the spam mails although it may also have some consequences. By filtering the spam mails, you will move them to a separate folder. However, some spam may trick the filter before ending up in your mailbox again. To reduce spam messages, you can make use of any of the solutions given below:

Do not respond to Spam

If you think that an email is spam, then there is no need of opening it in the first place. If you happen to open the mail, you should close it as soon as you realize it is spam. Some spam may appear like messages from co-workers or friends. If this is the case, you should contact them immediately and inform them that their account has been compromised.

Train your Filter

Whenever you come across a spam message in your mailbox, you should not just delete it. Instead, you can select it and tell your mail service provider that this particular message is a scam. How you give this message depends on the mail client that you are using.

Hide your Email Address

The more people have your email address the higher the chances of getting spam messages. For this reason, you should keep your email address close to your chest. What this means is that you can only give out your email address whenever it is necessary.

Change Your Email Address

Changing the email address is usually the last resort for many people. However, before you do this, you should inform legitimate contacts. You can even give them the new email address that you are planning to use. Remember to give out the new email address to important contacts only if you are to avoid getting spam messages again.

Why You Should Not Click “Unsubscribe” link in SPAM Messages

Clicking on the unsubscribe link below the message does not guarantee that the site will stop sending the mails. Instead, it may be putting you into more problems. For this reason, you must carefully examine the message before unsubscribing from the services.

The “Unsubscribe link” at the bottom of a SPAM message may not be as legitimate as it seems. Some newsletters or marketing companies do provide a valid unsubscribe link. The link is meant to remove your address from the company’s bulk mail list. If the message comes from a legitimate company with which you have interacted with, the unsubscribe link will most likely be genuine and functional. Furthermore, it will comply with all the rules as stipulated in the Can-Spam Act. However, illegitimate senders will add an unsubscribe link to a message hoping that you will voluntarily click on it.

By clicking on the link, they will verify that your email address is active and valid. They will thus subject your email to invaluable messages in the future. Apart from verification purposes, the unsubscribe link may redirect you to a malicious website. This site will in turn download malware onto your Desktop or Personal Computer. With malware, your computer may cease to function efficiently. The malware may also steal confidential information that will then be used by the scammers to carry out ill motives.

A malware may also trick you into falling in a scam offer that may leave you on the losing side. At first, the scam offer may appear legit. However, as you continue getting deeper into the deal, you may unearth important details which are not the norm in legit offers Therefore, you can avoid making a mistake that you will live to regret

How to Handle Your Junk Mails Properly

The best way of handling unwanted messages in your mailbox is marking them as “Spam” or “Junk” depending on the mail service provider that you are using. You can then delete them without looking. However, you may at times accidentally open an unwanted message. To avoid getting yourself into this situation, you can make use of a software that cleans junk mails.

Cleaning your mailbox using a software is an easy endeavor. This is because the software will do all the hard work for you within the shortest time possible. Unfortunately, with the high number of online stores, you may find it hard to get a good software that cleans your mailbox. You, therefore, have to carry out a detailed research before deciding to use a company like Clean Email that sales the best software.

Once you settle on a company, you can access the services by visiting their online store. However, you will need an internet connection and a device that can access the internet if you are to visit the site. Once on the website, you can get the software which you will then use in managing spam messages from your mailbox.

It is important that you unsubscribe from emails that fill your mailbox. This action will make it easy for your to manage the messages or have a look at the important mails. Furthermore, you can also reduce the risk of infecting your Desktop or Personal Computer with malware after clicking on an unsubscribe link. You should therefore look for the best possible method to handle junk mails. It is highly recommended that you rely on a software that can clean spam mail easily.