Alisha Taneja- a highly successful social media content creator

Social media has taken the world of digital marketing by storm, and social media influencers are largely responsible for this. Gone are the days when endorsements were the domain of celebrities alone. These up and coming social media influencers have humble beginnings, but make their mark with original and relatable content catapulting them to internet celebritydom. Alisha Taneja of Saffron on Rose fame on Instagram, is no stranger to this phenomenon of internet fame.

Born in Mountain View, California to Indian-origin parents, Taneja is an only child and a second generation American. After high school she got enrolled in UCLA, majoring in Biology, in keeping with her parents’ wish of seeing her becoming a doctor. While at University, she realized she didn’t want to pursue a career in medicine and changed her major to Political Science. This is when she realized that she was drawn to the arts. As someone who was interested in fashion and beauty, Alisha began maintaining a blog on the side. It started off as a means to let off steam while in the throes of heavy coursework and studying, but soon her online presence grew enough for her to begin taking it seriously.

After graduating in 2016, Taneja decided to take a leap of faith and strike out on her own. Her parents suggested that she try it out for a year to figure out whether it was a sustainable career choice. She moved out of her home and to Hollywood where she began working on her blog in earnest. Due to her single-minded dedication and by churning out relatable content, Taneja gradually racked up the follower count. Saffron on Rose took off within the year and with it Taneja’s belief that she could specialize in social media marketing came true!

Currently she has a follower count of over 600k followers and is famous as a fashion and beauty blogger with a penchant for travel. She focuses on her brand – that of a petite and colored woman trying to be the voice for women who do not get the representation they deserve. “It’s always hard to find clothes that are my size, it is hard for me to be petite and curvy – nothing fits right most of the time!” laments the petite firebrand. The causes she champions makes her come across as honest and genuine, something that her fans definitely relate to. “I put 100% into everything that I do or else I don’t do it” states the fashion icon. A mantra that definitely seems to hold her in good stead.

As someone who always wanted to be her own boss, the Saffron on Rose brand gave Taneja the entrepreneurial freedom that she always wanted to achieve. It just goes to show that the world will give you a chance, if you are willing to give the cause you choose a 100%!