8 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Important to Every Business

From recent studies on video marketing, it is evident that this is going to become a very powerful tool in the world of business marketing. The world is only now witnessing a full-on video revolution millennium. And it is the marketers that have the potential of reaping all the fruits. But that’s only if they strategize their marketing ideas well. To record and produce the best high-quality work, you need to have a good video production company to make it happen. And Los Angeles post production companies are your best bet at making all this possible.

Video marketing is progressing so rapidly that if you do not take to it now, then there is a high likelihood that you or your business won’t fully progress to the heights you intended for it. Video marketing gives you even better return on investment compared to the other marketing strategies.

Undoubtedly, video marketing, as one of the newest additions to the promotion toolbox, is proving to be worth what it promises. If not more. However, if you still have your doubts, then check out these top reasons why you must use video marketing to boost your business.

1. Video shows great ROI

As mentioned earlier, videos provide the best ROI strategies compared to other marketing strategies. It is true that as of now, video recording and production still isn’t the easiest or cheapest task to use. But even so, it still manages to pay off big-time. Not to mention the dozens of high-quality video editing tools that you can now easily find on the internet. These video editing tools keep getting more affordable and continually improve to make your video marketing more successful. Technology has advanced so much to the point that you can now even use your smartphones to make and capture some pretty good videos as well.

Plus, videos also don’t have to be that much perfect. If anything, the contents in the videos matter a lot more than the videos themselves. As long as your clients and other online users can grasp what your video is selling, you are good-to-go. Low-quality and poor design doesn’t usually matter as much as the lack of content in the videos.

2. Google loves videos

Video marketing also helps keep users and other prospect clients on your websites for much longer than text can. Videos help increase the overall time users spend on your business webpages which is precisely what you need. The longer their exposure on your website, the faster you get to build trust with your clients. Plus, this also signals the search engines that your website has great content. Try out some of the many Los Angeles post production companies to record and produce the best videos for your marketing strategies. You will never regret having made such a move.

So, if you have great video embedded on your website, then there is a high likelihood that it will show up first on the search engines.

3. Video explains everything

Why bother reading through a 2,000- or 3,000-word article when you can simply watch a short video that encompasses everything in the same article? Videos work magic especially when you intend to launch new products or services. Simply create a good short video that explains how it works and market it. You will be shocked at how well users and other prospect clients will receive it. Explainer videos provide crucial information in short periods, and users also agree that these videos are way better than reading through text.

You only need to ensure that the processes you use in your video recording and production get you results. And Los Angeles post production companies can work wonders in that area.

4. Video encourages social shares

Up to and over 60% of all social marketers used video content by 2015. And the percentage rose to 73% in 2016. By 2018, you should expect this percentage to be even higher being that billions of people now use social media to interact with one another.

Many social media websites also encourage video content shares with their new features. However, in the midst of all these shares, it is crucial to note that people share emotions and feelings, not facts. Social media users have admitted that they would more likely share branded videos of their friends if they found them to be entertaining. So, strive to create entertaining and captivating content if you want to stand any chance of improving your social shares.

5. Videos boost conversions and sales

Besides marketing, videos can also make you some serious money on the side. Adding a good product video on your landing page can significantly boost your conversion and sales. You only need to ensure that videos work well regardless of the category that you deploy them in.

Videos can also lead to direct sales if you record and produce them just right. Explainer videos are especially great in this area. If you can explain to your prospect clients and other users how your products work and how they can benefit them, then there is a very high likelihood that they will buy them. So, better start looking for some of the best Los Angeles post production companies to shoot your videos now.

6. Videos build trust

By now, you should already know that trust is the foundation of all business conversions and sales. Clients and users have to trust that your products or services will perform as promised for them even to consider interacting with you. Content marketing is solely based on trust and working to create long-term relationships. So, stop selling, and let your clients come to you. And you can only do this by providing them with useful information about your products or services.

7. Videos appeal to mobile users

Many Los Angeles post production companies currently already work on integrating your marketing videos into mobile and social media. Safe to say that video and mobile go hand-in-hand. Today, over 90% of all clients and customers watch videos from their mobile phones. Mobile video views keep growing at such an exponential rate that if you if you don’t adapt to using it now, your business will definitely take a more extended period to catch up.

8. Video engages even the laziest users

As one of the best tools for learning in the business of online marketing, video is super-easy to consume. Easy enough to the point that all you need to do is sit back and open your eyes and ears. There isn’t any effort that even the laziest consumers get engaged. Life has become so busy up to the point that reading through long product descriptions just doesn’t cut it for most people.

Final thoughts

With time, video marketing and advertising are becoming more affordable and widespread. Thanks to the rapid advancements in technology, video marketing isn’t going anywhere. So, you better start skimming through some of the best Los Angeles post production companies and choose the ones that you can work with and produce some of your best video marketing works today.