5 Ways To Remain Connected To Your Business While Traveling

One of the biggest problems business travellers face is remaining connected while they are traveling. Business trips are inevitable and you don’t want your work to get affected while you are traveling.

We are living in 2019 and technology has advanced so much that you don’t need to worry about remaining connected to your team while you are flying in the sky. A survey by Carlson Wagonlit found that around 88% of travelers have made their travel life easier.

Here are 5 easy ways to remain connected to your business while traveling:

1- Take The Help of VPN

Nowadays, one can’t run a business without a laptop. Hence, it becomes necessary to carry out your usual business activities on your laptop while you are traveling. This is where VPN comes in handy.

A VPN acts as a secure tunnel between your laptop and the internet. It acts as a proxy and protects your confidential data from hackers and cyber criminals. You can surf anonymously and keep all your business data safe.

2- Use a Cloud Phone For Communication

Cloud phone systems combine the power of internet and cloud technology to enable communication between people. You can easily run a business with a cloud phone because the biggest advantage that cloud phone systems offers is the ability to use your desk phone even while you are traveling. This means you can receive calls every time your business phone rings.

When you make calls using your personal mobile number while traveling, the business number displayed to the second party will be of your business phone. This way you can make hassle free calls without losing trust and reputation. You can remain connected with your clients and carry your usual business without any distractions.

3- Get A Rechargeable Power Bank

Keeping all your devices charged and running is critical to keep your business online. A rechargeable power bank can solve this problem because it can enable you to keep all the devices fully charged.

Power bank is an extremely useful addition to your traveling kit. Choosing a power bank these days can be difficult because there are so many options available. But, you must choose a device that has ample power saves, better battery capacity and safety. This article from Techradar compares the top choices for rechargeable power bank.

4- Choose The Best International Wifi Hotspot

You need an international WiFi Hotspot that you can carry everywhere you travel because you never know what connections might be available. Hence, you need Devices such as Skyroam allows you to connect to the Global Hotspot based on your travel plans.

With the help of Skyroam hotspot, you can connect upto 5 gadgets at a time. You can buy and activate 24 hour access anywhere you go. Apart from Skyroam, there are other services available like TEP Wireless, Keep Go, Roaming Man and Project Fi.

5- Choose Noise Cancelling Headphones

One of the major hurdles that comes while traveling is noise. You can’t get rid of the noise while in an airplane or train but you can surely minimize it. This is where noise cancelling headphones comes in handy.

Choose a high quality noise cancelling headphones as this will let you work in peaceful and quiet environment. It will minimize the engine or the general noise that are present on airplanes or trains. Any high powered earphones having dynamic speakers will do the trick.

Final Thoughts

Each and everyone of us have to face the hassle of traveling and working at the same time. Staying connected with your team so that your business doesn’t get affected is the key to your success. You certainly don’t to distract yourself from work when you are traveling and this is where the above 5 tips are immensely useful. I personally use the above tricks to remain connected to my business because this is a necessity and it helps to keep my work on track.