5 genius hacks that will improve your QR code marketing!

You may know a couple of things about QR codes already, yet the more you learn about QR codes the better you can apply them for your business. Most brands make the same mistakes when using them for their marketing. We got some useful insights from the best QR code generator QRzebra.

What’s vital to understand to get the most out of your QR codes?

1. Place and size of your QR code

A QR code is an essential marketing tool as it gives a digital dimension to any product or flyer. It’s essential to give your QR code a decent place on your work of art to catch the individuals’ eye. We should look at a QR code as the ‘entryway’ to your store. Most brands make this ‘entryway’ almost invisible; while it’s exactly that what you want people to scan. Having a good placement of your QR code is key to your success.

2. Track information of your QR codes

Having data is of course important to measure your QR codes. That’s why using dynamic QR codes will help you to get important data. You can track amount of scans, location as time when people scan. The great thing with a dynamic QR code is that you can update the QR code URL at any time in the system; this allows you to save time and money on printing.

3. Call for action above your QR code

People are still indifferent if they look at a QR code, add a ‘Call for action’ next to your QR code like: See this video, Scan now! Inscribe quick! Win a Prize…. A call for action will double the amount of scans, we did many test at QRzebra to see scanning rates have doubled and even tripled. Do it you will straight see the difference for your marketing campaign!

4. Attractive landing page for your QR code

Have an attractive landing page will help you to convert! There are many video’s on you tube that explain key take always as the video of SEO guru Neil Patel. Spend time to test, do some A/B testing to understand your target audience and how they convert. With dynamic QR codes, it’s easy to edit your link and test different landing pages.

5. Appealing QR code image

Using branded QR codes also makes people scan more, think about it, what would you scan quicker a traditional black/white QR code that looks like a barcode or a nice branded colorful QR code . QRzebra helps you create a personal QR code that fits your brand identity.  Not for nothing that many luxury brands use customized QR codes as brand and get more leads.


QR codes area great tool for marketing and lead generation, having them on your products, flyers is a must as you never know when people will scan, it even happened to me that I scan a QR code on a old cardboard box as I forgot the companies name an website and they generated a sales from my scan. QR codes have become a trend worldwide countries like the USA, UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, India, China and Hong Kong see the quickest growth in QR code use following google trends. QR zebra is a free QR code generator with logo that you can easy use to make customized QR codes for your brand.