5 Fundamental Web Design Elements For a High-Ranking Website

Looking to create a highly popular website with high traffic? Yes, aesthetics are a huge part of it. Here are 5 important web design elements to include!

Less than two-tenths of a second is all a visitor takes to form an impression of a website. Poor website design means they’ll be leaving sooner.

If your website falls into that category, think of all the revenue lost. Every visitor scared away by your website design won’t be coming back. In fact, they’ll be heading to a competitor.

Don’t let that happen anymore. Your website is in need of a redesign, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

There are a few web design elements you can implement today to achieve a modern, high-ranking website. Curious to find out what they are?

Let’s get into it!

Choose an Eye-pleasing Colour Palette

Too many bright colours make for an overwhelming experience. You don’t want visitors leaving due to eyestrain.

Instead, use a colour wheel to determine which colour scheme is best suited for your brand.

A monochromatic scheme means one colour but in different shades and hues. Analogous schemes use two colours right next to one another on the colour wheel.

Complementary schemes use colours that sit opposite one another on the colour wheel. Last but not least, triad schemes use three colours that form a triangle on the wheel.

Optimise for Speed

A slow website doesn’t do anyone any good. Visitors will get frustrated waiting for pictures to load and you’ll be frustrated by a high bounce rate.

To offset these annoyances, optimise your site with speed in mind. A couple of ways to do this are to optimise photos, no matter the size. You’ll also want to enable compression so when files are opened, they’ll load quicker.

If, at any time, you’re worried your site isn’t fast enough, refer to Google’s PageSpeed Insights test. Plug in your URL and it’ll give you advice on what can be improved.

Large Typography

Give your website visual-interest by utilising large and bold typography. Using this design feature gives visitors more insight into who you are as a company.

Are you serious? Witty? Informational?

Typography says it all.

It can also be used to highlight important aspects of your website. When you have a sale, use large typography to lead visitors to your sale page.

Clean Navigation

While almost everything else you get creative with, your menu is where you want to keep it simple. Don’t be tempted to use fancy animations or obnoxious fonts.

Your navigation menu needs to be legible and in an accessible place. No one wants to play hide-and-seek with a site’s menu.

To keep everything compact, use the hamburger menu. It’s called this because it looks like a patty in between two buns.

It can be tucked neatly in the corner and expands to show all the options when a user clicks on it.

Lots of White Space

White space is best described as space that’s empty. There are no elements, absolutely nothing.

Why is this useful for modern design? It gives the feeling of cleanliness.

It allows the user to focus on the most important aspects of your website like announcements or products.

Web Design Elements for Your Best Website Yet

You don’t have to hold a degree in design in order to create a good-looking website. All it takes are a few web design elements to turn your site into a modern one.

Don’t have the time to implement these elements? Get in touch with a professional website developer like EB Pearls about designing your website!