5 advantages of managed hosting

Managed hosting can be defined as an IT provisioning model. It is basically an extension for dedicated hosting, and the essential hardware involved in it is owned by the hosting provider and same is given on lease to a client. Managed hosting is marked at the first conscious step taken by companies which are planning to make a move into the cloud. There are certain advantages which are offered by this hosting and make it a preferred choice for the industry. Below are the 5 major advantages which are offered by managed hosting:

Low operational cost:

There are several hidden costs which the company needs to bear in case of unmanaged hosting services. For this, there is a need for hiring system admins, database admins, and other technical staffs for managing the servers. On the other hand, when you decide to, avail the services of the managed service provider it will automatically eliminate the additional costs. When you bank on the services of a trusted hosting provider, you will end up saving huge on operational costs and make an investment in customer relationship.

Reduced manpower:

For customer support 24×7 you need to create a dedicated team and hire employees for the same which will turn out to be an expensive affair for you. But when you avail professional support it clearly indicates that you don’t need to hire dedicated staff or train the existing staffs. No additional resources will be needed to support any critical IT infrastructure and application. You will get uninterrupted and guaranteed 24×7 technical supports. If there is any critical issue even in odd hours of the day, it will be resolved by experts without causing any effect on the traffic. This will you will end up saving your company capital, resources, as well as time.

High-end security and expertise:

Hiring professional experts will allow you to concentrate on your core business goals and areas of competencies. The experts will take care of the Website and customer data protection considering it as your top priority. The managed hosting providers will make sure to run:

1. Virus Scanning

2. The configuration process for Software Firewall

3. Spam Filtering

4. Updating of OS

5. Audits of Security

This way the professionals will ensure they have strong control on all security related issues and offer you absolute peace of mind. They are having the expertise, in identifying the vulnerabilities well before the servers get attacked.

24×7 monitoring of server:

Managed services are best for making immediate detection of vulnerabilities or any other type of irregularities in order to ensure everything remains unaffected and productivity of the business intact. The sole target of the experts will be, to keep the site and server in complete working state 24×7. If you are planning to go with unmanaged hosting, then you must have special skill sets or need to recruit a technical team to do the monitoring of servers. This is going to, increase your operational costs.

Support services:

A trusted and reputed web hosting provider will stay responsible to keep your system up round the clock. You will get the support 24*7 and the professionals will be reachable to you via different modes for example live chat, phone or support ticket or. The support team experts are well trained in managing glitches and minor issues before it turns out to be critical. This is the major benefit which you can enjoy when you go with managed hosting. Managed hosting also ensures that no way you lose your important data. The automatic backup facility will be there which will ensure if anything lost remains in the recoverable state. If you go with unmanaged version then if data lost can’t be recovered in any means.

There are many agencies which will offer you cheap hosting services, but don’t select any without judging certain details. You need to research on the years of experience the company is having in the industry. You must know the list of services covered under managed hosting and the cost of the package offered. Check the reputation the company is having in the industry and for that check the customer reviews. Hire the service only when you are confident about the company offering managed hosting services.