3 Simple Steps to Increase Your Domain Authority

You picked out the perfect name for your website and added helpful content that’s flooding with great keywords and value. Your products and services are flawless. Things have been running smoothly on the content end, but one problem remains: Your domain authority (DA) score is lower than envisioned.

First things first, what is your domain authority score? If you don’t know, then you can use a domain authority checker. A DA score ranges from one to 100.

There’s no need to panic because there are ways to increase this search engine ranking score and these steps aren’t impossible to achieve, nor do you have to overhaul your entire website.

Here are three simple steps to increase your domain authority.

Optimize your content with keywords and high-quality links


Keyword placement is an important strategy websites focus on, but so is technical SEO. Proper technical SEO implementation can lead to search engines scanning and indexing your site with ease. WordPress users can achieve this by installing the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin can also help with keyword placement and tell you if you’re using the right keywords.


If you have bad links (links that either don’t work anymore or lead customers to spammy sites), then you have to replace them with high-quality links. That’s the obvious answer to links. However, if a spammy website is linking to your articles, then you can either ask them to take the links down or use Google’s Disavow Links Tool. It might sound crazy that another site can hurt your DA by linking to your articles, but it can.

72 percent of SEOs believe backlinks are a significant ranking factor” so it’s important that quality sites are linking to yours. The key is creating quality content that other sites want to link to and also guest posting (more about that later).

Create a mobile-friendly website that’s not slow

This should be a main goal whether you want to increase your DA or not. If your website is slow and also not mobile-friendly, then people will bounce from your pages and not come back. Other sites also won’t link to your content if your site is clunky, slow, and not user-friendly.

If you still don’t think mobile traffic is important, then think again.

According to Statista, “In 2018, 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones, up from 50.3 percent in the previous year.”

The overall look of your site can go under this topic as well, because your site shouldn’t only be user-friendly but aesthetically appealing as well. Hiring a graphic designer to spruce up your site (or buying a template) is worth every penny.

Become an authority figure and a website people want to link to

Becoming a subject matter authority figure does not happen overnight, but it’s something you can constantly be working on. Outside of picking a topic niche and writing informative content in that niche, there are other ways to become an authority figure and a website people actually want to link to.

Listicles and how-tos are often shared and are what many users are searching for, and adding that type of content to your site can lead to people linking back to your articles.

Doing guest posts on well-known and authoritative websites will not only make you and your company look like a team of experts but you can backlink to your site as well. Although it’s a long game, this can also help to build relationships with other companies (and they may link back to your site and use you as a source in future articles).

There are plenty of ways to increase your domain authority. We hope the three simple steps above can help. Here’s to all-star content!