Verizon Wireless gets writ from AT&T

A public spat has blown up after AT&T sued Verizon Wireless over an advertisement alleging it has gaps in its coverage.

AT&T claims in the law suit that Verizon Wireless implies through innuendo that  it lacks 3G coverage in areas of the US.

But Verizon Wireless has described the law suit as without merit and described AT&T as being hurt at the implication that its 3G coverage isn’t much good.

The advert displays areas of the US using white space showing that 3G networks don’t exist, and AT&T contends that Verizon Wireless is wilfully misleading people about the extent of the services it has.

The dispute centers over the lucrative iPhone market that AT&T dominates. Apple gave AT&T a huge lift by designating it as the carrier for iPhone products.