Vandals in CA cut eight fiber optics cables, $100K reward offered

San Jose and San Carlos (CA) – Tens of thousands were without cell phones, landline or Internet services following the cutting of four fiber optics cables by vandals early yesterday morning in San Jose, and then later four cables in San Carlos were also cut. AT&T is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

In San Jose, a manhole cover was removed and four fiber optics cables were cut, resulting in loss of service to thousands (Verizon reported 52,000 people without service) in Santa Clara County and parts of Santa Cruz County, including ATMs. Within four hours, four additional fiber optics cables had been cut in San Carlos.

Service had been restored to most by 5pm Thursday evening. An AT&T spokesman said the cables which were severed could not have been cut accidentally, as they are over 1″ in diameter, encased in “tough plastic”.

According to Santa Clara spokeswoman, Joy Alexiou, “Our concern is 911. If someone is having an emergency and can’t make a phone call, they should go to the nearest firehouse, police station or hospital emergency room. We have people at those areas with radios.”

See the original AP article republished on Yahoo Finance.


Ever consider what would happen if service was cut in your area? This may be a good time to review safety protocols. Make sure you, your co-workers, your families all know where to go if service is ever disrupted.

Most cities in the United States hold annual awareness days for this very event, often sponsored by local fire departments. They ask residents to consider where to go in the event of a fire or tornado. Perhaps now it’s time to ask where to go in the event of cellular, landline or Internet loss that persists for more than several hours.