UK broadband is crap

London, England – UK comparison site uSwitch has published its annual broadband customer satisfaction survey.

The uSwitch report reveals the best and worst broadband providers, as decided by their customers. Awards are made in eleven categories, including best value for money, best technical support and best overall customer satisfaction.

The survey was conducted online in February 2009 and polled 12,054 broadband users covering adults of all ages, socio-economic groups and regions of Britain.

This year, newer broadband providers outperformed their more established rivals in every category. O2 was the runaway winner, earning nine out of the eleven awards and achieving the highest ever level of customer satisfaction.

The report also revealed that 54 percent of those surveyed don’t think they’re getting the best deal from their provider and the customer satisfaction gap between the best and worst providers was wider than ever. Some seven million households said they would like a faster connection with only three per cent who signed up for an up to 8Mbps service actually achieving speeds anywhere near that level.

Respondents answered questions including what aspects of a broadband package were important to them, whether they would recommend their provider to a friend, and whether they thought their provider gave them good value for money. It should be noted that some smaller ISPs are excluded from the survey as results are only recorded where a supplier was mentioned in more than 200 responses.

Later today, the UK government is due to publish its Digital Britain report, outlining its plans to provide every household with broadband access of at least 2Mbps.