Twitter re-twitters the twitterati

Hold the front page! Twitter has redesigned its home page and appears to have improved its search capabilities.

When you fire up, it gives you some topics that appear to be hot – such as William “None of this s*** works” Shatner, BMW, Harry Potter, and Google Voice.

No one is entirely sure what Twitter is for, nor why it has become so very very important, except that you can tell the world everything about your life in short bursts.

If you have a life, you probably don’t have much time to waste it twittering away. It has to be one of the saddest things technology has brought to the world.

The leader of the right wing British Conservative Party referred to Twitter users as ‘twats’ earlier today.

Cameron was appearing on the Christian O’Connell show on Absolute Radio to discuss his life outside Westminster and remarked: “The trouble with Twitter… is that too many twits might make a twat.”

Cameron, who looks increasingly-likely to become Britain’s next Prime Minister, went on to add that “The public are rightly, I think, pissed off – sorry, I can’t say that in the morning – angry with politicians.”