Top Digital Marketing Strategies To NOT Ignore in 2018

Whether you are a large or small business, local or international, digital marketing has become immensely important these days. The use of the internet has become widespread, which means that majority of the target market of most businesses can be found online. Therefore, not marketing there would be a massive mistake as this would pave the way for competitors. The only problem with digital marketing is that there are too many avenues to explore, which can cause confusion.

It is recommended that you focus on the top digital marketing strategies to use in 2018 to boost your online presence and grow your business. What are they? Read to find out:

On-Site SEO

SEO is known as search engine optimization. It is focused on enhancing and improving your page to get it good rankings in search engines. Tactics that are carried out on the website are known as onsite SEO such as creating articles for specific keywords, removing duplicate content from your website, following a proper page link structure, labeling all images on the website with keywords and choosing page titles that match your keywords. These simple SEO strategies can get you good results in the form of increased organic traffic that can lead to high conversion rates.

Off-Site SEO

There are plenty of SEO tactics that you can implement offsite to optimize your website for search engines and get high rankings for more exposure. The links to your website are one of the major ranking factors and that is why it would be a good to get links from relevant and high authority websites. If the links are from websites that are not in your niche, they are deemed irrelevant and may have a negative impact on your rankings. Therefore, only highly relevant and authority websites should be used. Guest posting on blogs in your industry can be helpful here. Moreover, user reviews and feedback have also become a priority for search engines so you should ensure you get positive ratings from your customers. When all these strategies are combined, they will give you high rankings in search engines, which earns you the trust of the audience.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

As the name indicates, this form of marketing requires you to pay for every click. PPC marketing involves posting advertisements on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and also social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. A business only has to pay when someone clicks on their ad. This can be a very beneficial digital marketing strategy as long as it is done right. Effective PPC management includes using the right keywords in your ad and posting it on the right platforms to ensure your target audience can see it. It is a great way of testing your marketing messaging and can get you a high volume of traffic that can lead to sales. This is a targeted form of advertisement that can give instant feedback.

Content Marketing

In the last few years, the mantra ‘content is king’ has been emphasized a thousand times. This is because search engine algorithms have become smarter and give preference to websites that publish useful and valuable content. However, better SEO is not the only benefit of content marketing. Creating powerful and compelling content not only draws the audience to your website, but also helps the business in establishing itself as an authority in the industry. Doing so allows it to earn the trust of the customers and can lead to long term and strong relationships with the target audience.

Furthermore, there is a variety of content that can be created; text, podcasts, images, videos, white papers and what not and the cost is very minimal as opposed to the returns.

Email Marketing

There is a common misconception that email marketing is dead. But, the fact of the matter is that the most successful internet marketers have been able to reach the top only because they recognized the importance of building a quality email list of potential and existing followers and used it to their advantage.

People don’t like sharing their emails so you have to be smart. When they visit your website’s landing page, you can ask them for their email address in exchange for something free. Once you have their email, you can feed them content on a regular basis and convert them into loyal customers by offering incentives and useful information.

Social Media Marketing

A discussion of digital marketing will never be complete without mentioning social media marketing. Social media networks have become a very essential component of everyday lives nowadays and a business can tap into the power of social media to market its business to a worldwide audience. The beauty of these social platforms is that they enable a business to interact informally with their clientele and give their interactions a more human touch.

Customers are able to relate more to a business and discuss their problems and queries easily. Social media can also come in handy for making a post go viral, which can aid your business in getting plenty of exposure. With a bit of intelligent approach, your posts can easily start trending using hashtags that are most popular at the time. There is very little cost involved and multiple platforms can be used for reaching out to your target audience.


When visitors come to a website for the first time, only a handful of them will convert i.e. buy something and become customers. Most will just check out the website and leave. So, how can you get them to come back? This is where re-targeting comes in. The visitors are tracked through their pixels and cookies and when they visit other websites, they will see ads of your products and site. These ads will follow them around the internet, regardless of what site they visit. In this way, your business and offerings will stay on their mind and they will eventually come back and make a purchase.

These are some of the best digital marketing strategies that every business needs to implement in 2018 to reach as many customers as possible.