Top 3 skills you’ll master on one of our Web Developer courses

Looking to become a Web Developer? Not sure where to start? Why not consider one of The Training Room’s Web Developer courses!

This course is a globally recognised qualification and is well-equipped to ensure you enter your new career ‘industry-ready’. The course is also studied online meaning that you can study in your own time, at your own pace!

Want to know more about our Web Developer courses? We’ve picked the top 3 skills that you’ll learn if you choose to study with us. Read on to find out the kinds of things you’ll be learning with The Training Room.

HTML5 Markup Language

HTML5 takes our number one spot of the most important skill you’ll learn on our Web Developer course. Why? It’s been significant in the speed testing of mobile browsing and with smartphones becoming ever more common in regards to internet use, it’s definitely the future of internet browsing. This makes HTML5 pivotal to the user’s web experience.

Mastering HTML is crucial when learning to become a Web Developer. It is the most common markup language used in coding and will help you build the foundations of the majority of your web projects. This is why we have included it in the number 1 position of the top 3 skills you’ll learn!

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS Level 3)

Our next skill on our list is CCS3. This is the newest standard of style sheet language used that creates the visual content you’ll see on web pages. Having this skill on your CV will stand out to employers as it is common throughout most web pages, meaning you’ll be well equipped to work on any kind of project.

With us, you’ll master the fundamental principles of CSS3 and how to apply these to the current version. Conquering both HTML5 and CSS3 means you’ll be ready for whatever web development tasks are thrown at you!

JavaScript Language

Last but by no means least we have JavaScript language, one of the three core technologies of World Wide Web content production.

JavaScript is extremely important when it comes to user experience; it can support interactive parts of a web page such as games and video, enhancing content on a website and bring it to life. This is something the majority of websites use so it is a fantastic skill to learn that will again impress future employers.

During your time learning with The Training Room, you’ll learn how to create interactive forms with JavaScript, modify X/HTML and get to grips with JavaScript security issues.

Find out more about our Web Development courses

These are only our top 3 skills that we’ve picked out; there’s a whole range of topics you’ll learn if you decide to study web development with The Training Room!

For example, there is also a module on computer IT networking that will teach common hardware configuration alongside IP addresses and domain names relationships.

So if you’re looking to become a professional Web Developer, look no further than The Training Room’s e-learning course! To find out more about the course, and how you could enrol today, check out the course page on our website.