Tiananmen Square anniversary causes web sites’ "maintenance"

It’s not just Twitter and Facebook that have been censored by the Chinese authorities during the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacres.

According to Danwei, there’s a whole spate of other websites that have chosen by complete coincidence, of course, to down themselves for “maintenance”.

Sites “under maintenance” aside from Twitter and Facebook include VeryCD.com, Wordku.com – a dictionary site, blogging site Bullog.com, social networking site Douban.com and others.

A BBC correspondent reported yesterday that any reference to Tianamen Square caused screens to be blanked out within seconds. The same report said that details of the pro-democratic protest which resulted in hundreds if not thousands of protestors being massacred, are just not available to the Chinese masses.

Reporters are also being denied access to Tiananmen Square and told they need “special permits” to film – a new rule that’s only just been imposed.

You can find the Danwei site here.