The Ultimate Apps for Android Devices

There are thousands of Android apps in the Google Play Store; it is difficult knowing which ones are better than others. People have various uses for their smartphones, and what might appeal to you might not be useful to the other person, and vice versa. While some people will want to track their fitness via their mobile devices, others will use it for photos. In this article, we feature the must-have Android apps for the devoted smartphone user. 

#1. Weather 

Weather features a straightforward, paginated design that updates you on the current weather and a focus for up to 12 weeks. Besides, it gives you radar and other exclusive fun stats. You will receive notifications for severe weather conditions and a detector that alerts you of incoming storms. It is a handy app for every Android user as it allows you to make prior arrangements based on the information obtained therein. You may either go for the free version or pick the paid version at a low fee, minus advertisements.

#2. Bouncer

Bouncer is a security app designed with a unique premise. It allows you to grant permissions to applications temporarily, for instance, you can enable Facebook to access your location long enough to check into a particular place, then Bouncer will disable the permission the moment you leave Facebook.

It is a great experience to use all the features of an app without necessarily going into your settings to turn off those permissions or granting those apps permanent access to location access.

#3. Google Assistant

Times have never been better. With the Google Assistant, you only need to download it and enable it; then it starts working for you. You can ask any questions you want and support numerous commands. It can help you control lights, ask about population control, or even do some math calculations for you. Other products such as Google, Home, Chromecast, and Bose QG II Bluetooth headphones extend the functionalities even further. 

#4. YouTube and YouTube Music

There are so many streaming options out there for music lovers, but the strong combination of YouTube and YouTube Music is so big to ignore. For the price of one, you can access unlimited music enough to compete with dedicated apps like Spotify and Apple Music. You will also get ad-free YouTube with background video play as well as offline downloading. The one-two combo is right up there with the likes of Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ in terms of cost and experience. 

#5. LastPass Password Manager

In these times of increased internet security, you must keep all your login details safe. LastPass is a password manager that allows you to save all your login credentials securely. Even better, it helps you generate hard-to-crack passwords for your different accounts, all controlled by a master password. It comes with cross-platform support that enables you to use it on mobile devices, computers, and any other device. 

As an Android user, you’ll come across multiple apps sharing near-identical names. The best way to vet the quality of the kind of app you download is by checking its rating on the Play Store platform.