The rise of online betting in the 21st century.

In many ways, the internet has brought a lot of us together, connecting us in ways that are unimaginable. With the click of a button, thanks to the internet, we can equally accomplish many tasks that were not possible before.

Among this craze of online life, one sure thing keeping in pace is the ability to bet online. It’s estimated that the number of people that will be gambling or betting through online betting sites will clock 164 million in 2018. This is a clear indication of how the sector is progressing and how online betting will amount to in the coming decades.

The convenience of betting online

The rise of online betting has created an ecosystem where bettors do not have to travel to brick and mortar shops in order to place their bets. This has made the whole process easy. Users can now download applications on their mobile phones. Additionally, there are many websites that make the processing of betting simple and easy even for newbies. With such a wave in the sector, gamblers are more inclined towards sitting in the comfort of their homes and placing bets than going out. Convenience wins in this case..

Easy to get in the door

For many people in this game, going to the shop to bet and putting one’s money in the game, especially for newbies, this is something that is difficult to start. With online betting sites springing up everywhere, many newbie players are given the chance to create demo accounts where they can test their skills before committing their money into serious gambling. This move has only allowed many players and newbies to get into the game, but it has also opened the door for those who want to test the waters before committing full time, to actually do so. The online betting world’s ease to entry seems to be driving many gamblers into the game.

The advent of free tools

Many online betting platforms offer players, both new and returning, many tools. Some platforms offer a calculator for players to compute and make comparisons about the different odds at their disposal. The provision of a calculator, the ability of players to check the odds provided by bookmakers, and in most cases, the provision of a money back guarantee, especially for new and inexperienced online gamblers are part of the reasons why these gamblers are excited about the online betting world. In the coming years, it seems there is going to be fierce competition between brick and mortar betting dens and online platforms in capturing consumers.

Killing two birds with one stone: earn and play

These days, our mobile phones are our main source of entertainment – games, social media, music, YouTube videos, and more. The ability to place bets on these mobile phones through the many online betting sites and the applications, getting everything on mobile phones is exiting. This provides two different things on one device; playing games for the money and getting entertained through social media. With the usage of mobile phones on the increase and the fact that humans now spend more time on their mobile devices than before, the trend is going to continue into the future.


Online betting sites have become mainstream in the betting industry. The tools and convenience offered by these sites have created a new form of demand for their services. With gamers now inclined to mobile gaming, it is only a matter of time that betting online becomes the order of the day. But will physical locations be thrown out of the competition?