The Fed wants an app for monitoring public opinion

The Federal Reserve is looking to hire some coders.

They want to commission an app that will allow them to monitor public opinion in real time and track how much influence their communications have on public opinion.

In other words, they want to spy on billions of people. The unnamed app, referred to as a “Sentiment Analysis and Social Media Monitoring Solution,” would give them the ability to use information they’ve gained from spying to formulate a counter attack on the negative opinions the public has about them.


This news was first reported on ZeroHedge a few days ago and it has made the Federal Reserve even more unpopular. It could have something to do with some of the official wording in the Federal Reserve’s Request for Proposal. It’s disturbing, so disturbing that it’s being labeled as Orwellian.


It could be that people are upset because the Fed wants to “monitor billions of conversations” and “identify and reach out to key bloggers and influencers.”


And how about this gem?

“There is need for the Communications Group to be timely and proactively aware of the reactions and opinions expressed by the general public as it relates to the Federal Reserve and its actions on a variety of subjects.”


They also want an “alerting mechanism” that sends out notices via a “predefined trigger.”

This will allow the Fed to instantly know when people are talking about anything related to the privately owned central bank’s misdeeds.


A system like this would probably be expensive and it’s definitely creepy when you consider the fact that it will be designed to distinguish between “influencers versus followers.” This will allow the organization to figure out who their biggest intellectual rivals are.


They know that their biggest enemy in government is Congressman Ron Paul, and it appears they might want this tool to pick out members of the public who are also spreading negative (but true) things about them.


And when they say in the RFP that they want to reach out to key anti-Federal Reserve bloggers and opinion sharers, what does that mean exactly? I ask that question because in espionage and clandestine operations, once you identify the target, you only watch them for a limited time before they are neutralized in some way.


How would the Federal Reserve counter its intellectual opponents on social media and blogs? Will they have trolls bombard the comments sections with goofy statements that make everyone associated with an online community look like Jared Lee Loughner?


Would they get some code monkeys to craft malware that methodically attacks websites with anti-Federal Reserve articles?


We have no idea what they’ll really do yet. But you don’t really think they’d reach out to the bloggers and influencers by sending friendly emails with a point by point counter argument, do you? Remember, these are the same people who secretly bailout foreign banks with taxpayer money.


When the groups that control the money supply and purchasing power starts seeking out a tool which will allow them to control how the public see their nefarious schemes, well, that’s when you really have to consider if you should really continue using their central bank system.


These people inflate the currency supply and destroy the value of the dollar, which kills our purchasing power and therefore our quality of life. For almost 100 years a small minority voice has been saying that the Federal Reserve is bad for economic prosperity – as they undermine liberty with their power to create money out of thin air.


It is now 2011 and people are starting to wake up and demand answers as to why so many jobs are being destroyed. Some answers point to the Federal Reserve, and that’s why they need an app that might be able to allow them to silence their critics.