Teen sells nude pics of mum online

Auckland, New Zealand – A New Zealand teenager is in big trouble after trying to sell sexy photos of his mother through an online auction site.

The 18-year-old student listed “five naked photos of my mum” in retaliation after an argument, he told the Herald on Sunday newspaper. She’d told him to clear out the garage and sell unwanted items on the TradeMe auction site – but got a little more than she bargained for.

The site removed the listing the following day, but not before it had received 11,000 views.

His mother told the paper she was “pretty annoyed” by the listing – but, one presumes, not that annoyed: the following day, she gave her son permission to list a series of “glamour photos”, in which she was partially clothed.

“He was quite naughty… I thought ‘you cheeky little git’, but at least he’d been a bit creative about it,” she said.

TradeMe was a little less broadminded. “We don’t really want to be the place where people list photos of their mums in their underwear,” said a spokesman.