Sunlight Media LLC: Provides Unlimited Design Revisions

In the web design industry there are a variety of different business models used by our competitors. This most common one being to churn out websites as quickly as possible to boost profits, while not necessarily looking out for the best interests of the client.

At Sunlight Media, we do business much differently. Our #1 goal is and has always been customer satisfaction, even if that means that our profits may take a back seat from time to time. While many web design companies may say that they’re focused on customer satisfaction, few actually show it. At Sunlight Media, one of the ways that we show our clients just how committed we are to them is through our unlimited design revisions.

What are Unlimited Design Revisions?

When you contract with Sunlight Media for any type of custom design project, we’ll offer unlimited design revisions to ensure that at the end of the project you are completely satisfied. Our unlimited revision process starts with an initial consultation where we sit down with our client and try to determine their wants and desires as well as any particular functionality that they’re looking for in a website, mobile app or custom software.

Once we’ve completed this meeting, we then will develop three original homepage layouts. These layouts will all be custom designed by our team. You won’t ever have to worry about our designers using any of the recycled templates that you’ve seen all over the web. We want your website to fully convey your brand image, which can only be done with a fully customized design.

Once you’ve chosen one favorite homepage design, the revision process begins. You’ll then be able to request as many revisions of that one homepage design as you desire, without any limitations.

Once the homepage design has been selected and signed off on, the same process repeats for each interior page as well. Most web design companies will offer limited rounds of revisions to each page and then charge additional hourly rates after two or three rounds. No other company offers unlimited revisions for both homepages and interior design mocks.

Why Offer Unlimited Design Revisions?

At Sunlight Media, we’re looking to develop long term business relationships with our clients. This commitment to building fruitful business relationships can be evidenced with our unlimited revision policy. It’s our belief that providing our clients with exactly what they want, even if that means a bit more work on our part on the front end, will result in a satisfied client that will hopefully tell others about our unique way of doing business.

We’ve found that by offering unlimited revisions, our clients are extremely happy with their redesigned apps & websites and in turn, we rarely have any issues concerning miscommunication throughout the entire project. It’s our goal to make a custom design project as stress free as possible. Designing a new website or app should be a time where you and your team can get your creative juices flowing to create something that truly represents your brand image.

Are Unlimited Revisions Limited to Just Web Sites?

No! Our unlimited revision policy covers all design projects at Sunlight Media including:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Logos
  • Flyers
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Custom Software

Unlimited Revisions Across a Wide Array of CMS Platforms

Sunlight Media offers our unlimited revisions for websites hosted on a variety of platforms including:

Some of Our Clients That Have Taken Advantage of Unlimited Web Design Revisions

The following clients are just a few examples of companies that have taken advantage of our unlimited revisions:

Interested in Learning More About Our Unlimited Design Revisions?

If you’re looking for an app developer or a web design company in Los Angeles, reach out to Sunlight Media and take advantage of their unlimited design revisions policy.

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