Small town residents lay their own fiberoptic cabling

Residents of a small town in the north of England have set us all an example by taking up their shovels and digging trenches for fiberoptic cables themselves.

The project began in a fit of frustration in 2002 after BT said it was unable to provide broadband to the area. Cybermoor was founded and houses were gradually hooked up to a wireless network.

“But as time marched on, the wireless network started creaking, and we’ve taken the view that it was worth upgrading that part of the network,” said project manager Daniel Heery.


wo local residents with experience laying cables on the railways volunteered and set to with their shovels. Meanwhile, anybody with useful equipment – there are a lot of tractors up there – was drafted in to help. The fiberoptic cable should be finished by the end of the year.

Initially, residents can expect speeds of 20Mbps, via the cable and a microwave link to Newcastle, rising to 100Mbps when Cybermoor can afford the 100Mbps backhaul connection.