Simple SEO Tips for Better Rankings

SEO continues to rise to prominence as an important element of digital marketing. Most businesses view SEO as very important, especially in an age where consumers are increasingly turning to search engines to fulfill their desires. If you’re seeking professional help, there are various elite digital marketing agencies on hand to provide leverage and specialist advice.

To discover a suitable company, conduct a simple Google search including your geographic location. For example, if you live in Brisbane you should enter SEO in Brisbane. This will bring up various results of companies who provide SEO, social media, and conversion rate optimization services.

Businesses need to take a thoughtful approach to SEO strategy, especially considering the ever-evolving changes to search engine algorithms. These have a huge impact on business ranking, and if you don’t constantly update your philosophy, you can get left behind.

If you’re wondering how to best engage in SEO, here are some simple techniques to boost your search rankings:

Optimize Your Titles, URL and Descriptions.

This is the oldest tip in the book, but remains the most important. Once you have a few different ideas on the table, address the following questions to help you decide on the best title possible:

  • Which one is the most descriptive?
  • Which one is the most catchy and user friendly?
  • Which gives you a great idea of what the website is about?
  • Which one would you choose if you saw these titles in a search result?

If you feel as if there is room for improvement with your titles, this is a first priority for achieving higher rankings. Great titles will be unique, well-formatted, catchy, and meaningful.

Provide Useful and Fresh Content.

One of the reasons for owning a website is to provide content to build an audience. You can engage them with fresh content, which will keep existing visitors happy while helping you gain new customers. Content includes video, articles, slideshows, music, comments, and reviews. Visitors are more likely to click off your website if content is static, and they are less likely to revisit as a consequence. That’s why it’s important for content to be up-to-date, and by empathizing with visitors you can better understand what to include. How would you feel if you viewed out-of-date content on a website?

There is big competition in any keyword you search, and from an SEO perspective, the websites with the freshest and most useful content have the best chance of winning the race. This doesn’t mean you have to post new content daily, but it does mean you should monitor your content carefully and update it accordingly.

Improve Your Site’s Loading Time.

Page speed is a ranking factor, so you should do whatever it takes to improve your website’s loading time. To illustrate the importance of page speed, let’s consider an example. If two websites include similar information, but one loads faster, you can expect this one to rank higher. Faster websites lead to more conversions, because consumers aren’t deterred by having to wait for too long. It’s best to work with an SEO consultant to improve your page loading speed, but there are simple steps you can work through yourself too. These include:

  • Removing big images
  • Using sprites instead of small images
  • Moving to a faster hosting provider
  • Removing JavaScript files
  • Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service