Silver surfers snap up Facebook use

A report claims that people over the age of 55 plus are turning to Facebook with alacrity, or what passes for alacrity in those close to retirement.

Istrategy Labs said people using Facebook over the age of 55 has grown by 513.7 percent in the last six months alone.

And, according to the survey, Facebook continues to be popular with a 70.8 percent increase in total users over the last six months. Further, Facebook appears to be popular with the female gender – the survey reckons 54.6 percent of users are women.

Perhaps rather worryingly for Facebook, the figures for younger users has taken a dip.  High school user figures have dropped by 16.5 percent and college users by 21.7 percent.

For some reason, Facebook use has become quite the rage in Atlanta, GA, with growth of 142.4 percent. The figures, in detail are here .  The TG Daily Facebook page is here .

Disclaimer: C Shanti is 59 and uses Facebook all the time.