YouTube having issues with user’s video view counts

Chicago (IL) – On Friday, YouTube’s Michelle Schlachta wrote in a blog that YouTube is working on some issues relating to user video view counts. They cite spamming and some internal inconsistencies as the cause of some recent unusual view count numbers.

Schlachta writes that “Recently, we found spamming issues associated with the view counts on a small number of videos. The inflated view count number on these videos will be frozen until actual views catch up to the published, artificial, view count.”

Regarding users who have seen their video counts updating more slowly than they would expect, or slower than rates which have been seen in the past, she said this, “Also, a few people have commented that their view counts are updating more slowly. Occasionally the speed with which views update changes — sometimes it’s faster and sometimes it’s slower.”

YouTube promises that they are working to make sure the published view count numbers reflect real user views, and “are an accurate reflection of the community’s interest.”

See the YouTube blog post.