WikiLeaks hit by cyberattack

The Wikileaks website was yesterday hit by a cyberattack, as it continued with the release of tens of thousands of secret State Department cables.

The company warned on its Twitter feed that the site was unavailable because of a DDoS attack. It remained down for some three hours; the site was back around eight hours ago for most, although some users say they are still experiencing problems.

“ still down for some. You will need to wait 10 minutes or so until DNS cache timeout. Until then, etc,” it says on its Twitter feed.

Nobody appears to have claimed responsibility for the attack.

It follows a statement from the State Department criticizing WikiLeaks for its latest release of cables, and claiming it’s a threat to the personal safety of a number of individuals.

“The United States strongly condemns any illegal disclosure of classified information,” said State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland.

“In addition to damaging our diplomatic efforts, it puts individuals’ security at risk, threatens our national security, and undermines our effort to work with countries to solve shared problems.”

over the last week, WikiLeaks has published over 125,000 State department cables, which the New York Times claimed contain hidden within them the names of sources who had asked for protection.

This is “Totally false that any WikiLeaks sources have been exposed or will be exposed. NYT drooling, senile, and evil,” says Wikileaks. it says all releases were vetted to remove any names prior to release.