Want to avoid cybercrime? Live in Detroit

They’re a tech-savvy bunch in Seattle, but they’re still more at risk of cybercrime than anywhere else in the US, according to a report from Symantec.

Boston and Washington DC are almost as dangerous, possibly because of their large number of Wifi hotspots.

San Francisco follows, and also has the dubious honour of being rated highest for risky behaviour. Raleigh, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Denver, Austin and Portland are next.

“With more people than ever relying on the Internet to stay in touch, shop and pay their bills, feeling confident and secure in our information-driven world is vital,” said Marian Merritt, Norton internet safety advocate.

“This study highlights the cities most at risk of cybercrime and reminds individuals, families and businesses across the country of the hazards they face each time they go online.”

Detroit’s the place to be – it was the least risky of all the 50 cities surveyed – although this might just have something to do with the fact that it does pretty badly in terms of internet access. It’s hard to do something dangerously if you don’t do it at all.

And with Symantec‘s criteria for ‘risky behaviour’ including such reckless activity as buying goods online and banking online, it might be an idea to go one better and just opt for a desert island.