Video: Next-gen Russian stealth fighter

Sukhoi has apparently “leaked” new footage of Russia’s next-gen, twin-engine jet stealth fighter.

Dubbed “PAK FA,” or the “Prospective Airborne Complex – Frontline Aviation,” the (T-50) fighter jet is slated to replace aging MiG-29s and ancient SU-27s.

As such, the aircraft boasts  “supercruising” ability and is loaded with advanced air-to-air, air-to-surface and air-to-ship missiles.

In addition, PAK FA is  equipped with a fix-mounted AESA radar, as well as an unspecified form of “artificial intellect.”

So, what can actually be seen in this video?

Well, according to DefenseTech, it’s a “pretty good film” of the jet which is said to sacrifice stealthiness for optimized maneuverability against the F-22 Raptor (USAF).

“[So], watch for the shot of the PAK FA’s thrust vectoring engine nozzles in action at the 1:07 minute mark. You can also get some good views of what’s probably the jet’s infrared search and track pod mounted just in front of the cockpit canopy.

“This second PAK FA prototype is supposedly being used to test out some of the plane’s mission systems while the first plane, which flew for the first time last year, is being used to test out the actual airframe design.”