Twitter’s Top Tweets spreads adult spam

Twitter’s own Top Tweets account appears to have been hacked – either that, or the company’s algorithms have been rewritten by somebody really full of the joys of spring.

The Top Tweets account, which has more than a million followers, automatically selects and retweets ‘some of the most interesting tweets spreading across Twitter’.

And, over the last few days, some of them have been very interesting indeed.

CamGirlTrenity points other users to a site that will ‘match me up with other singles or couples based on my sexual do’s [sic] and don’ts’, for example. Meanwhile, SkypeCamGirls recommends ‘a much better alternative to chat roulette for those who live on the wild side of life’.

“Hopefully Twitter will look into this soon as @TopTweets has over one million followers and we seriously doubt that they want to be exposed to sites such as and,” says Sean Sullivan of security firm F-Secure.

“Fortunately however, the links are obviously “not safe for work” (#nsfw) and relatively few people have clicked them. So perhaps most folks have just a bit more common sense than many so-called experts give them credit for?”

The tweets raised hopes that the company’s new executive chairman, Jack Dorsey, might be planning a whole new direction for the site. But it seems not: Twitter has now suspended the offending accounts and removed the tweets from its feed.