Trapster issues warning over possible security breach

Trapster has confirmed that the passwords of over 10 million users may have been hijacked by nefarious hackers.

Indeed, the site – which offers a mobile app that tracks speed traps and enforcement cameras – recently published an advisory, warning members that they should change their passwords immediately.

Unsurprisingly, Sophos Security expert Graham Cluley opined it was “best to be cautious” over the suspected breach.

“So, if you’ve registered your account with Trapster, then it’s best to assume that your e-mail address and password were included among the compromised data,” wrote Cluley.

“We therefore recommend changing the password on your account, and if you used that password on any other site, you should change your password on that site as well.”

Cluley noted that while some users might not care very much about their compromised Trapster credentials, others could face a definite problem if they used the same password for their e-mail or Twitter accounts.

“It was [certainly] interesting to see Del Harvey, who heads up Twitter’s Trust & Safety department, warn Trapster users to change their passwords after breach was announced.

“That was [obviously] a smart move by Twitter’s Harvey. After all, last month we saw a widespread spam campaign occur on Twitter abusing credentials stolen in the Gawker hack.

“[Remember], if hackers grab your password in one place, and you have carelessly used the same password elsewhere, then you could be on a dangerous road. So, always ensure that you use different passwords on different websites.”