Top 5 Must-Haves to Make Your Car Secure

It is rightly said that it is better to be safe than sorry, and it holds totally true when it comes to your car. Your car is an invaluable asset of yours, and so, it is imperative to protect it in every sense and possible way you can. Certain devices can secure your car in your presence as well as absence.

Car thieves constantly look for the loopholes to break your security system and steal your car. They are aware of each kind of safety systems that usually are installed in cars. Therefore, you must be extra cautious when parking or leaving your car for extended periods.

Trackershop bring you some simple things you can do in your routine to keep your car safe:

1.Check your car lock system, especially the central lock. It is vital that your car lock system should be in a working condition to avoid thieves easily breaking the lock and accessing your car.

2.Park your car in a sufficiently lit area and see to it that there are other cars in the car park. Parking in an empty car park only highlights the vulnerability of your car, usually this means less security.

3.It is important that your parking area should have a security system like CCTV cameras so, if anything happens to the car, you can track the thief. This often wards off potential thieves too being too much trouble for a lot of people.

4.Keep some essentials like a fire extinguisher kit, at least three litres of water, first aid kit, and a spare tire. These things are quite helpful in the case of any emergency like a breakdown in the middle of the road, avoiding you the trouble of waiting for help.

Apart from the simple things mentioned above, certain tools and devices will make your car more secure.

Electronic Immobiliser

Today, several modern vehicles including cars have standard car keys and fobs that secure the cars through electronic immobilisers. These are the inbuilt transponders or the microchips that send signals to the anti-theft system which will revert with an Ok message to start the car.

In the case, if any stranger tries to start the car, it won’t start. The car thieves are aware of these systems, and so, they generally avoid them.

Get a Kill Switch Installed in Your Car

When you install a kill switch in your car, and activate it in your car system, it will shut down your engine’s electrical system if an unauthorised person tries to use your vehicle. Some cars today, come with these devices built-in them and they are quite easy to install.

Some other switches kill the fuel or the ignition system through a wireless transmitter.

Up to Date Car Alarm System

The car alarm systems have a visual effect on the vehicles when anyone tries to open them unofficially. If you want to deter the thief, you should put a sticker on the both windows, showing that your car’s security system is activated. Seeing this, most of the thieves don’t bother with even trying.

VIN Etching

Every vehicle has a unique number assigned to it, being 17 digits. This unique number is known as Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. This number will on the car’s title on the dashboard and on your insurance and registration cards.

This VIN is useful in branding your car’s important parts. You can do this by etching it’s VIN on all windows and parts. Serving as a way to track the car and parts if it’s all taken apart.

Tracking system

Today, tracking systems have become very popular with owners. Being affordable and very useful in the unfortunate situation where somebody steals your car. Allowing you an up to date reading of exactly where your car is at all times via GPS. Giving you time to alert the authorities and retrieve the car back.