This tablet is going to war

Lockheed Martin has developed a battle-hardened, ruggedized tablet computer for use in tactical military vehicles.

The tablet – dubbed TacFleet 8 – facilitates real-world tactical situational awareness exchanges for brigade-and-below forces on the move.

“The TacFleet 8 design incorporates innovative technologies to meet the challenge of asymmetric warfare [in countries such as Afghanistan],” explained LM spokesperson Rich Russell.

“Easy access to battlefield intelligence ensures our [soldiers] maintain the tactical advantage.”

According to Russell, the tablet allows ground-based forces to exchange messages with other terrestrial and airborne units, as well as access sophisticated mapping tools.

“TacFleet 8 users can also wirelessly control and stream imagery from ground vehicles and fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft sensors.

“[We have already] demonstrated this capability using the Gyrocam 15 TS sensor system, which is currently fielded on more than 700 MRAP vehicles,” he added.