The 5 Best Security Gadgets for 2018

Home security is becoming a bigger concern for homeowners, especially now that engineers and security companies are working together to provide a steady stream of more sophisticated, less expensive devices to address that concern. But with the plethora of different apps, gadgets, and devices available to the average consumer, making a decision can feel overwhelming.

Best Security Tech for 2018

Let’s take a look at some of the most important types of gadgets you should be considering in 2018:

1. 4K IP cameras

Internet protocol (IP) cameras are cameras specifically developed to transmit information through the internet. They’re often used for surveillance and monitoring, either through a centralized system or in a decentralized format that allows recording to local storage media. Either way, investing in a 4K camera (the highest definition available) will allow you to record a constant stream of activity with crisp resolution. You’ll be able to see what’s going on inside or outside your house at practically any time—and even 4k models are just a few hundred dollars.

2. Remote monitoring software

If you want to make the most of your cameras, you should invest in some remote monitoring software that allows you to access your feeds anywhere, at any time. There are many types of user interfaces to consider here, and you’ll want to use software that integrates with your other software and devices.

3. Smart locks

Smart locks come in a few different varieties, but they can all add a layer of protection and convenience to your home. Most of them replace the lock you already have, and offer an interface through a digital keypad, voice recognition, or a smartphone app to allow for quick entry. You can also manage users and allow guests into your home by giving them specific permission for entry, and most smart locks integrate with other security systems. Some of the top names to consider here are August and Kwikset, though there are a number of emerging competitors in the field.

4. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are two of the most important devices you can have in your home, so why not make the investment in a system that can alert you about a potential issue, no matter where you are? Nest, known originally for their smart thermostats, offers a combination detector for less than $100 that connects to your smartphone, so you can take action even if your alarm goes off when you aren’t at home.

5. Other security apps

There are hundreds, if not thousands of other security apps you can use with your existing smartphone, designed to improve your ability to monitor and protect your home in alternative ways. For example, the app Presence allows you to turn your old iOS devices into remote monitoring devices you can set up anywhere, and iSentry can convert your home computer’s web camera into a live feed—so long as your computer doesn’t go into hibernate mode.

The Budget Factor

Not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend upgrading their home security, but with the diversity of different devices on the market today, it doesn’t cost a fortune to measurably improve the security of your home. Even an investment of a few hundred dollars is enough to protect your home from both natural and human threats. Take the time to research some of the best gadgets available today, and find an assortment that fits your budget and makes you and your family feel safer.