Texas cops red-faced as AntiSec leaks docs

Texas law enforcement officials were left red-faced after Anonymous hackers associated with the AntiSec movement published “boatloads” of classified police documents extracted during a series of digital raids.

The thousands of pages – which are currently available online – include several dozen FBI, Border Patrol, and counter-terrorism documents classified as “law enforcement sensitive” and “for official use only.”

The emails also contain police records, internal affairs investigations, meeting notes, training materials, officer rosters, security audits and live password information to government systems. 

Finally, and perhaps most embarrassing, a number of emails are loaded with racist and sexist remarks that will “embarrass, discredit, and incriminate several of these so-called ‘community leaders.'”

“In retaliation for the arrests of dozens of alleged Anonymous suspects, we opened fire on dozens of Texas police departments and stole boatloads of classified police documents and police chief emails across the state,” the group wrote in an official communiqué.

“For every defendant in the anonymous ‘conspiracy’ we are attacking two top Texas police chiefs, leaking 3GB of their private emails and attachments. Mind you, we don’t expect a sane response. Even a few insults would have been better than the way you cowards hide behind protocol, innuendo, and your badge.”

The hackers also claimed to have been lurking within various law enforcement networks for more than a month – until they finally compiled and released a full cache to “continue the fighting spirit” of WikiLeaks.

“Texas is well known and hated for being full of Minutemen, Tea Party and KKK groups, murdering the most amount of innocent people on death row, and giving us the Bush and Cheney administration. We are [also attacking] in solidarity with the ‘Anonymous 16’ PayPal LOIC defendants, accused LulzSec member Jake Davis ‘Topiary,’ protesters arrested during #OpBart actions, Bradley Manning, Stephen Watt, and other hackers and leakers worldwide.

“We also call for the release of Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jamal, Oscar Lopez Rivera, Troy Davis, the Angola 3, and all others behind bars standing up to state repression. While many of our comrades facing charges and in prison are innocent, there is no such thing as an innocent police officer, and we will continue to directly attack the prison industrial complex by leaking their private data, destroying their systems, and defacing their websites,” the group pledged.