Tech stalkers target college campuses

Finally, someone in the government has realized what ex-girlfriends have known for years – technology makes stalking easier. We’ve all done it, incessantly stalked our ex’s Facebook page, or maybe checking a particular someone’s Twitter feed over and over again.

But on a more serious note, the attorney general of Illinois is calling some real attention on the use of technology to stalk students around college campuses.

Lisa Madigan, the Illinois attorney general, recently hosted a discussion on “Campus Safety and Cyber Dangers: Stalking on College Campuses in the Digital Age” at DePaul University. 

Madigan says college campuses have become a breeding ground for stalkers and technology is just making it that much easier.

Tools like Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter provide intimate details of a student’s life, clueing stalkers in on a victim’s exact whereabouts.

This constant update has become a normal part of daily life, leaving students blissly ignorant that they may be opening themselves up to stalking.

Think about it, bragging about the fun party you’re at or the place you’re eating dinner may not be ideal if you do indeed have a stalker.

These techie tools plus regular college class schedules are causing some real problems on college campuses.

Experts say students can protect themselves from stalking by not openly posting private information online, such as full name, telephone number, address, hometown, school, birthday or pictures.

As far as social networking goes, security experts recommend avoiding it or checking into a place once you’ve left.

(Via News Sun