State Department all a-Twitter over WikiLeaks

The US State Department (aka the Foggy Bottom) is all a-Twitter over the imminent release of approximately three million classified documents obtained by WikiLeaks.

According to The Hill, the impending data dump is expected to include “sensitive” diplomatic cables that could harm foreign relations with a number of important US allies.

“Across the State Department, senior officials are reaching out to countries and warning them about a possible release of documents,” State Department spokesperson P.J. Crowley tweeted on Friday night.

“[As such], #SecClinton reached out to leaders in Germany, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Britain, France and Afghanistan regarding WikiLeaks.”

Earlier, Crowley had warned WikiLeaks that its actions would “put [US] national interests at risk” and cause “tension” with worldwide partners.

“[So we have talked with] members of the Hill to let them know what we are prepared for.”

Meanwhile, Reuters reports that politicians from a number of regions – including Russia, Afghanistan, FSU republics, Central Asia and Europe – are “prominently” featured in the classified documents.