RST develops advanced nuclear shield

Chicago (IL) – RST has developed an advanced shield that protects individuals against ballistics, improvised explosive devices, dirty bombs and other types of radiological incidents.

“RST’s new Demron-W nuclear/ballistic Shield is the only device that enables our first responders and military to combat all threats faced today, including traditional ballistics and bombs as well as IEDs, RDDs, REDs and the ever-increasing nuclear and radiological threats, road-side bombs that are triggered by cell phones,” explained RST president Dr. Ronald DeMeo. “No other ballistic blanket currently provides significant protection against nuclear or radiological threats. Demron Shield provides unsurpassed nuclear suppression and outperforms all current soft-body armor in anti-fragment and ballistic protection. The blankets also may be used to suppress all types of explosive devices and prevent catastrophes.”

The sophisticated flame and acid-resistant shield is manufactured out of Demron-W, which consists of a radiopaque nano-polymeric compound fused between layers of fabric. RTS uses the fabric to produce a variety of nuclear-radiation blocking garments, including full-body suits, vests, blankets, medical X-ray vests and aprons.

According to DeMeo, the first iterations of Demron gear were non-elaborate and designed simply to cover areas that remained unprotected by lead shielding. However, everything changed after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The doctor was inundated with requests from various individuals and entities interested in purchasing full body suits capable of shielding the human body from potential NBCR threats such as dirty bombs.

“Our military and first responders traditionally have had to choose what protective suit to wear according to the specific threat they faced, and our Demron-W suits eliminate the guesswork by providing complete protection from all types of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards,” said DeMeo.

Demron technologies are currently utilized by NATO, NASA, the National Guard and the US Navy. A number of countries have also deployed products based on Demron, including the UAE, South Korea, China, Saudi Arabia and Australia.