Rival hackers deface AnonPlus

A group of Turkish hackers have defaced the front page of AnonPlus with an image of a dog wearing a suit. 

“This logo suits you more. How dare you rise against to the World,” the hackers wrote in a mocking note left on the defaced site.

“Do you really think that you are Ottoman Empire? We thought you before that you cannot challenge with the world and we teach you cannot be social. Now all of you go to your doghouse.”

As Sophos security analyst Graham Cluley notes, the AnonPlus security lapse is rather surprising indeed.

“Clearly, their site had vulnerabilities or someone was sloppy in their choice of password if rivals were able to break in and change the content. [Still], I think the message we can take from this defacement is that not every computer enthusiast in Turkey is a fan of Anonymous,” Cluley wrote in a blog post.

“It’s very easy to imagine that those involved in hacking and cybercrime all have the same objectives, and form a united front. However, the truth is that there’s back-stabbing, disagreements, fall-outs and (as we appear to see in this case) sometimes these can result in hackers taking pot-shots at each other.”

AnonPlus – a planned social networking site – was announced just a few days after members of the collective were unceremoniously banned from Google+


“We’ve all heard the stories of activists being banned from FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and governments blocking their people from these sites as well through organized black outs,” Anonymous wrote in a communiqué earlier this week.

“[Well], this is one social network that will not tolerate being shut down, censored, or oppressed – even in the face of blackout. We the people have had enough… enough of governments and corporations saying what’s best for us – what’s safe for our minds. The sheep era is over. The interwebz are no longer your prison.”