Obama to appoint "cyber czar"

Digital security is clearly an important matter to President Barack Obama and he will today appoint a “cyber czar” to oversee the nation’s computer defenses.

But it’s not clear how much power or budget the cyber czar or czarina will have – although the position will have a cyber directorate inside the National Security Council.

In recent months there have been reports of multiple breaches of US networks and defense systems, with some officials blaming foreign powers, like China, of probing military and economic networks.

While no-one will be named as the cyber czar today, with Obama just pointing out the steps his administration will take, that appointment will be named in a few days time, according to reports.

As well as this position, the White House is set to create a military cyber unit that will not only defend Pentagon nets, but also take steps to develop an offensive capability.

Earlier this year hackers unknown broke into the $300 billion Joint Strike Fighters network. Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander, who heads the National Security Agency, is tipped to get the job as supremo of the military cyber command.