‘Neighborhood watch’ warns of cyber attacks

Argonne, Illinois — US Department of Energy (DOE) laboratories have developed a ‘neighborhood watch’ cybersecurity system that they say could be extended to the private sector.

A program developed by the DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory allows for cybersecurity defense systems to communicate when attacked and transmit that information to systems at other institutions.

“The Federated Model for Cyber Security acts as a virtual neighborhood watch program. If one institution is attacked; secure and timely communication to others in the Federation will aide in protecting them from that same attack through active response,” cybersecurity officer Michael Skwarek said.

Currently, the program transmits information regarding hostile IP addresses and domain names, and it will soon be able to share hostile email address and web URLs with sister organisations.

The developers say it could be used by private companies too. Let’s hope the system itself is hacker-proof.