MPAA in mass BitTorrent and NZB crackdown

The MPAA and Dutch-based BREIN have reportedly executed a mass BitTorrent and NZB crackdown by unceremoniously kicking 29 sites offline. 

According to TorrentFreak, officials in the Netherlands prompted the takedown of the US-hosted sites by accusing their Dutch owners of illegally linking to movies, music, TV shows and games.

“They are directed at the Dutch public and unlawful under Dutch law. This year we have made over 600 of these sites inaccessible. [Yes], some seek refuge in a foreign hosting provider,” BREIN spokesperson Tim Kuik explained.

“[Obviously], these 29 apparently thought that in America they could go undisturbed. That is incorrect, [because] through cooperation with our foreign colleagues we can make sites in other countries inaccessible.

“[For example], the [above-mentioned] sites were taken down by their hosting providers.”

Kuik added that BREIN would do its utmost to “seek out the personal details” of pirate site operators, while holding them “personally” liable for unauthorized file sharing of copyrighted content.