LulzSec hacks CIA website – and has fun with telephone hotline

The CIA website is the latest to go down following an attack by LulzSec.

The website disappeared at around 6pm ET, and reappeared a few hours later – although it’s taking a long time to load and is currently available only sporadically, if at all.

WikiLeaks is claiming that the CIA attack was carried out in support of the whistle-blowing website. “WikiLeaks supporters, LulzSec, take down CIA,” it claims on its Twitter feed. “CIA finally learns the meaning of WTF.”

There’s no sign that any data has been compromised.

Meanwhile, the hacking group has been having lots of fun with its new hotline, 614-LULZSEC, inviting callers to nominate targets for attack. It says it’s been receiving calls at the rate of 200 per minute.

It’s been forwarding the calls to other organizations, starting with customer support –  because “we called them and they wouldn’t tell us how magnets worked,” says the group on its Twitter feed.

Next, World of Warcraft customer support was the lucky recipient of calls, but for just a couple of hours. And now, they’re all being forwarded to HBGary, the security firm recently hit by Anonymous because its CEO, Aaron Barr, claimed to have infiltrated the group. LulzSec is believed to be a splinter group from Anonymous.

“Incoming 614-LULZSEC calls now redirect to HBGary. You take care of the horde while we’re gone @AaronBarr, thanks mate. Bye for now,” reads LulzSec’s Twitter feed.