Lulz Boat not feeling the love from Anonymous

A cyber activist associated with the Anonymous collective says the group doesn’t support recent actions by Lulz Security against online gaming servers.

”There is no support for Lulz Security’s actions of disrupting MMO’s ‘for the lulz,” the activist told VG247.

“Anonymous, as a group, is about activism in defense of certain rights, and the lulz that can be had while doing this. This doesn’t follow or achieve this. Though, individual Anons are free to do what they want.”

According to the activist, the concepts of freedom and creativity are heavily promoted within Anonymous circles.

“During operations we always tell people that the LOIC isn’t our only tool, and to be creative with their attacks.

“Anonymous isn’t a whole though, with individual wings acting under the name in their actions. [Sure], there are many ‘just for the lulz’ cells but they’re generally overshadowed by the arrests and actions of the politically motivated cells.”

The Anonymous activist also told VG247 the group had effectively ended its controversial digital campaign against Sony.

“There is nothing more to gained right now from continued attacks except unpopularity. [Remember], our intention with our initial attacks on the PSN was that of a sit-in, preventing traffic to their service in order to protest their actions. Sony was removing true ownership of the console, as well as prosecuting hackers, and we were trying to spread this information to the consumers.

“[But] instead of listening or reading what our cause was, they just became butthurt. Their annoyance is understandable, but their actions were selfish as they cared more about immediate pleasure than they did about their rights as a consumer – and the rights of the hacker.”