Lockheed touts "PC on a Stick" for Feds

Lockheed Martin has upgraded its IronClad USB drive with improved security features and optimized management tools.

Indeed, the federally approved IronClad allows employees to carry their entire desktop – including the OS, apps and files – on a rugged USB drive the size of a stick of gum.

“The latest release, version 1.6, is faster, works with a wider array of PCs and laptops, supports more Wi-Fi networks, and makes it easier for IT administrators to track, manage and even shut down the drives if need be,” explained Lockheed spokesperson Rohan Amin.

“Federal employees can plug in their IronClad drives to their home computers and boot their entire work desktop. That makes them fully productive at home, and backed up by rock-solid security.”

According to Amin, IronClad allows IT administrators to monitor and update every drive on their network.

“[So], if a drive is lost or stolen, new features give administrators more options for disabling the drive. The system’s performance is also faster than ever, and new wireless features make it easier to connect securely to home Wi-Fi networks.

“With five layers of cyber security and tamper-resistance, IronClad will keep government networks and data secure while employees work in the office, at home or on the road,” he added.