Iran attempts to bolster cyber defenses after Stuxnet

Iran is attempting to bolster its cyber defenses after falling victim to an enigmatic worm known as Stuxnet that wreaked havoc across the country’s digital grid.

To be sure, Iranian officials were recently spotted walking the exhibit floors at Gitex 2010.

According to VM Sathish ofEmirates247, the government reps were hunting for security systems capable of shielding their vulnerable networks from sophisticated cyber attacks. 

“We are getting many serious inquiries from the Iranian Ministry of Defense and other government controlled institutions for setting up a Security Operations Center (SOC) to protect the country’s sensitive IT Networks,” confirmed SecurView spokesperson Amol Sable.

“Iranian computer networks are [currently] vulnerable to cyber-attack and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Many of these Iranian networks don’t have the IT security system in place.”

Unsurprisingly, other IT security experts at Gitex 2010 told Emirates247 that Iranian businessmen were seen shopping for computer network safety platforms to “ward off” a “proliferating” number of hackers. 

“There seems to be a huge demand for network security solutions in Iran. They seem to be desperate because Iranian government websites and networks have been subjected to several attacks from across the border,” explained Sable. 

“Professional hackers [routinely] target Iranian government websites and computer networks. [As such], we are negotiating with a number of Iranian customers to study their network vulnerabilities and to give them more protection.”